Flip Through My Pages..

I finally found the time to get my shit together and start working my thoughts from paper-journals and notebooks to blogging. I mean don’t get me wrong I enjoy very much the sensation of a pen or pencil grooving its markings into the pages of my notebook or journal. I mean I can’t forget missing the sound of my hand slowly moving with the motion of the pen/pencil gliding across the pages with my every thought racing through my lovely head. But now I get to hear the clicking of my fingers on this lovely key board of my laptop computer as I stare at the bright ass screen wondering why my eyes are so damn tired or why my fingers have caught a cramp. Then I realize, I’m thinking faster than my fingers can type and have lost my damn train of thought, yet again! I have to remind myself like writing in my own personal journal or notebook I’m not too worried about all those fancy important things that are required for making writing so “perfect.” I’m random and it’s all about fun for me, writing things about what I feel at the time when I’m feeling, well whatever! So with that said, follow my lovely blog sessions and don’t forget to comment and share with friends! Sharing is caring, well that’s what I’ve been hearing lately!


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