A little Crush Never Hurt No One…

So there is this woman I’ve been crushing on! Sounds pretty childish, but it sure does have its perks and excitement along the way. Not knowing a complete stranger and them NOT knowing you secretly like them, or waiting for them to cross your path, and guessing what type of person they might be and so on and so forth.. So where to begin. Day number one, Friday February 3rd walking along the West Oakland streets heading to BART and on my way to work, like any normal morning.

As always I’m in my head thinking about whether or not I locked my car door, if I’ll get a seat on the BART so I’m able to read, or will I catch the bus on time. THEN!

I notice this woman who happens to be walking mighty fast, passes by and says with her happy-go- lucky, cheerful Friday voice, “Good Morning” so of course, not to be rude I too respond with Good Morning. Damn, I think to myself, that woman was really attractive and why was her crossing my path making me feel a certain way?  Causing me to smile extra big, catching the cold air in between my teeth making it hard to continue my ever so wanting need to keep smiling. Whatever the feeling, I knew I needed to do a double take. I guess to watch her walk away and wish I would have said more.

As the day goes on, I’m beating myself up. Why didn’t I say more to her? Why didn’t I ask her name? Why? Why and more why’s! How would I find her, send out a Missed-Connections message in hopes she’d read it, respond live happily every after, right? Was this really going to be my last time every seeing this woman again, did I miss my chance?  Did she live in the area? Maybe she was just going to a bank to take money out, or going to the store to buy some bread, or maybe she left a friends house or just my luck going to see her lovers. All the questions ran through my head like a wave crashing into rocks on the shore. Wait, was she even attracted to women? Man wouldn’t that be something, right?  What I’d do to see this woman again.

    So the work day has finally come to an end and yes I’m super excited to get home. Who knows what the hell I’m thinking about this time around, all I know is that I’m tired and hungry. That’s usually the story my life. Lost in my thoughts wandering the streets of West Oakland, walking the same path I did earlier that morning. I happen to walk past this store (The name is not important at the moment) looking at my reflection and of course in the middle of me checking myself out! Yup, you guessed it the nameless woman who crossed my path who happily said, “Good Morning.” was working behind the counter.

YESSS!!!  Now I don’t have to resort to going on Missed Connections and pray for her to read my cheesy message. So what now?  Do i speak and go inside her store and introduce myself? Do I walk by wave and say hello. What do you do when your a freaking adult and have a HUGE crush on someone who you know nothing about, but they make you feel all giddy inside? Humm, questions we ask ourselves!


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