Crush Part 2…

It doesn’t get better then this! Distractions, confusion and of course indecisiveness are the best words to describe my life at the moment. Trying to get up to date as much as possible with this new adventure I’m having, I have a CRUSH!
So today, March 28th, getting ready for work and trying to decide if I should catch the BART from my house, drive in and catch the BART from West Oakland of just plain drive my ass to SF. I’m telling you the decisions I have to make in the morning cause my head to hurt sometimes. So anyway, I finally decided that I was going to ride BART from West Oakland. Good choice, right?
Fast forward (afternoon)-again making decisions! Getting off at West Oakland BART making my way to my car debating whether or not I should walk in front of this woman’s store, smile, wave and say hello, or just walk a different way and avoid her completely. After much debate with myself I finally made up my mind, decided to make way down that lovely street where our paths first met months ago. And to my surprise the amazingly, beautiful, nameless woman was outside her store talking with either a customer or someone who had walked by, either way I had no choice now but to speak to her. Anticipating my next move and plan of action, I knew I had to be quick with whatever thought came to mind because I was approaching pretty fast. Without much thought I said “Have a good day” tapped her to get her attention and in mid conversation she turns around reaches out for me and grabs for my arm as her hand slides into mine…
At that very moment the world stopped, at least it did in my mind, for just a few seconds. Our eyes met and all my concentration was no longer on anything else but her touch. The electrifying shock, the jolt of pure joy and excitement ran through my veins, up my arm and throughout my entire body. That moment was pure BLISS! What I would do for another feeling like that. Either way, she made the rest of my day that much more delightful.
Passing random people on the streets of West Oakland smiling from ear to ear they couldn’t help but witness how cheerful I was, and they too began to smile. I’m telling you I was skipping down the streets, swinging my arms like a excited kid being taken to the fair for the first time. I felt like I was on cloud 9 and wanted to scream, but I waited until I was in my car to do such as thing. I didn’t want to keep all my joy and excitement to myself so I called my three really good friends (JennyRaye, Mac and Melissa) and left them a very cheerful message telling them to have a wonderful day because my day was super-duper awesome! And not to forget to tell them I finally spoke to the mystery woman in West Oakland.
…Next step…to have a decent conversation with this woman, that’s if I could calm my nerves long enough to have a conversation.

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