It Must be…

I’m in one of those moods that everyone and everything is so very bothersome to me. Woke up from a nap and the first thing that came to mind was past relationships and how very angry I was with these various people. How I wanted to do nothing but scream, yell and tell them that they were nothing but bull shitters and they were causing a very strong effect on my emotions at this very moment. What else to do, you guessed it, blog! The neighbors above me I’d love more than anything else to jump out of this warm bed, walk out my house and up one flight of stairs, bang on their door while ringing the door bell screaming nothing but obscenities because they seem to have forgotten they’re not the only people living in this damn building. I guess they thought they weren’t living in an apartment building, but instead running a fucking race track as they running back and forth with their heavy feet across my ceiling; or better yet the recording studio where they can bang and clang all their shit around because no one apparently lives beneath them.
Oh wait then I remembered, I’m about to start my period! That’s why I hate everyone. (Laughs) But I’m still upset and can’t really stomach the idea of changing my mood because I’m in this place and don’t really want to come out of it. Yup, I want to dwell over all my agitations, be reminded by all the old bull shit I had to endure with previous relationships and shitty ass friendships. I want to harp, rant and rave. I’m so deep in this place I want to join my neighbors up stairs and run back and forth in their damn living room too. I want to stomp my damn feet as if I have a metal foot or better yet I’m stomping around with steel-toed boots swinging my arms up and down like a kid who was let free out of class 30 minutes early. That would prove that not only am I fucking crazy, but need to really just calm the hell down and take my ass back to sleep!
It’s so bad that I want to go outside and have someone say something wrong to me just so that gives me a reason to completely and totally lose my flipping mind and go off on them. I mean I’ve never felt so agitated in a long time. I think last month I was way more emotional. I think I cried on the phone to a friend about some nonsense, but today there won’t be any crying coming from these eyes of mine just a tongue lashing for whoever crosses my path because this little fire cracker is ready!!

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