A little more..A Crush Part 3

You occupy the thoughts in my mind..

The weather is better when I think about you..

So here’s the thing. Sunday the 18th of March I was walking the lake with my two friends acting silly and what not.  I was telling them how I was finally ready to meet someone and I guess I could try and give dating another chance since I had been closed to the idea for some time now. My dear lovely friends and all their crazy ideas had somehow forgotten that I’m a people person; love that physical connection between people. I like to hear the other person’s voice, see their facial expressions when I talk to them, feel the heat from our bodies by our closeness. So they suggested I stare at a computer screen all day and find a potential date by going on Match.com or some other wack ass dating service to find someone who doesn’t  look like the picture they’ve posted on their website. Don’t get me wrong, online dating might work for some, but  I have no real desire to find anyone on the internet. So anyway, after putting “I want to meet someone” into the universe, 10 days later without trying I encountered a connection that cannot be explained unless you happened to be either me or the beautiful woman that was taking up most of the thoughts in my mind throughout the day and night.

March 29th, Thursday I finally decided to muster up enough courage and waltz myself into this woman’s store after much role play with my friends of what could possibly go down in the store, conversation wise that it. Lucky for me she was in the middle of the store smiling all happy as could be. To see me I hoped.

Small chit-chat between us, I had to ask her name again because I seemed to have forgotten it from all the high energy and excitement from days before.I neglected to even try to remember, and of course I felt horrible.  She seemed to remember my name, and mind you NO ONE ever remembers my damn name, maybe because it’s so unique, who knows. But it was nice to know that she remembered my name.

So we do the whole, “what book are you reading?” I was reading a book that had been in my hands since I had gotten off the BART and had forgotten to put it back in my backpack. I guess she noticed my Boys and Girls Club sweat shirt, which lit up her whole face causing her to smile really big. I guess she was super excited because she too used to work for them and went there when she was a child.

 I couldn’t do any more small talk nor could I continue the whole walking past her store waving and smiling so…

She gave me her phone number…


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