Forever. Just a Memory

  • Salt splattered painted eyes as tears run across my face
  • A memory that I should let go. Forever
  • I should let you go Today. Tomorrow. and yes Forever
  • A painted picture of memories of your face, your touch how your fingers would dance on my naked body like the beating of a drum, your soft kisses
  • like pillows lay across my bed gently taking all of me in
  • A Situation that can’t be so quickly thrown away
  • Thoughts of you wonder in my mind
  • I lie awake disturbed-cold-empty staring at
  • The empty spot you once laid-rolled-ravished by your beauty
  • How can a situation so good turn to be so cold
  • Cold-Freezing-Imobilizing-Bitter, how were you to be that person
  • I no longer wish or want to see or even know
  • To know-Never! Today. Tomorrow. and Forever
  • An empty spot in my heart grows tattered, broken and bruised
  • To release the pain you once brought only brings great
  • Pleasure in the end
  • To know I should have let you go, to heal this broken
  • Heart of mine
  • Today. I release you from my life, my heart, my soul, my every being
  • The place so scared, a place where you alone touched me in places
  • I can never imagine another to be to make me whole
  • Tomorrow. I accept happiness and regain strength to move forward
  • To never live in the past again
  • And Forever. You will be nothing more then a memory
  • Forever. Just a memory.Moments in Love

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