?Uestions of Love

Misunderstood by most, or understood by few

Is love something you wish for, or is it that which is a sexual act that you do

Is love best described with no words, swimming in our mind

We all know it’s there so we stroke from time to time

Is love a dream? A fantasy realm, just waiting for us to be awoke

Should love be taken seriously and to some to be taken as a joke

Is love a curse word said at the most desperate times

Is love our sight and without it, we will go blind

Is love the sea? Depths are unknown from which our eyes can see

Or is love the tears that come from our eyes, when we have a death

in the family?

Some people say love s a reflection of ones self

If that is true, if we never love, does that mean

We never know ourselves?

Is love…

Is love…


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