No-No Nonsense Words and Phrases

So I had asked a few of my friends and folks on FB (Facebook) to tell me which words and phrases made them want to scream. So here are a few, feel free to add your own. Enjoy!

Mines ( This happens to be Mines)

I don’t know ( What do I like to do? I don’t know)

Nothing ( What’s going on with me? Nothing.)

I’m thinking ( Hold on I’m thinking)

Basically (You know, Basically life is just wonderful

Weird (That’s just totally just weird) in every sentence they say

Why (Why do you do that? Why do you wear your hair like that? Why)

This is hard ( This is hard, I don’t want to do this anymore)

Exactly (Exactly!) Every sentence they use this word

You feel Me? (No, really I don’t feel you) in every sentence

What can you do? ( That’s life, what can you do?) After every word

It is what it is ( Damn, it is what it is) After every word

Pants’eses (Do you know where my Pants’eses are) Pants

Light Skin-ned (Man you see that girl she hella light skin-ned) Light Skin

Leggo!! (Leggo!!) Lets Go!

Sorry for your lost ( I’m very sorry for your lost) loss

Can I borrow (Yo, can I borrow a dollar) They ask all the time


Oh Em Gee (After every word) Oh My goodness

Keepin’ it real (I’m just keepin’ it real)

Preying for your safe return (Praying)


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