Midnight Blue

Midnight Blue

How it saddens you

Every time I look at you

The unbearable hurt that fills up in your eyes

The sad hurtful cries

As you struggle to sleep

I can see how it breaks you down inside

Your heart so heavy it wears down on your soul

Keeps you hidden from everything that 

Has made you whole

Midnight Blue

It carries you

It holds all your hurts

It holds all your pain

Sometimes it scares your fears


Sometimes the pain hurts so deep 

You wish you could wash it all away

With one sweep

I can hear your pain

Your soft tender voice

Reaching out to be saved

How we both wish we could stop

The waters from running into

Midnight Blue

Wish they would stop

Accompanying you

Your dreams awaken you

Even though you do not sleep

Your heart so cold

It still wouldn’t freeze you 

To sleep

Midnight Blue

The time has come

To take all the hurt, sadness and pain

Far, Far away

You reach for a hand that is no longer

At bay

You reach for someone to come and take you away

It is to late for you

So you say

Oh Midnight Blue

It carried you

It held all your hurts

It held in all your pain

So this is the end

The end. A farewell to you.



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