The Most Beautiful

It only takes moments to be drawn in-captivated by all things beautiful.

The moment I saw you, young, daring and full of life I knew you couldn’t do no harm.

With all things that make you the most beautiful. There is no sugar coated lie that could be told to describe, define all things beautiful.

Dancing with the sweet color of honey dripping, sticky onto all shades brown.  The lovely taste so sweet

As I grasp a hold your hand, us together collide like sticky sweet peanut butter with no bread between, just your skin on mine and mine on yours.

That is beauty.

How the sun danced, kissed your lovely skin shining brightly leaving memories, shades of red and brown with undertones of sweet honey grasping hands combining the sweet sticky color of brown.

The most beautiful color I could ever imagine, that of brown, the coco caramel peanut butter honey sand paper bag, like brown, the beautiful brown.

Nothing more beautiful then sharing our amazing sun-kissed skin. I can’t describe all things, beauty.

This most beautiful. You.

You and Me.


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