28 Days into the New Year

Happy New Year, I know you’re probably thinking what is wrong with her she’s a little late to be saying “Happy New Year” no actually I’m right on time.

I normally never make a New Year’s resolution just for the simple fact that I find it extremely impossible to come up with all the many things to change and work on throughout the year and I eventually seem to scale back and forget what was needed to accomplish those things all together. So for the past two years I’ve come up with monthly goals starting with January, of course. Making small obtainable goals to accomplish throughout the month and from the looks of last year’s accomplishments of 17 goals I succeeded in 14. Not bad, right?

This year I decided to scale back and only use one piece of white computer paper to write my list of 10 goals with color pencil, just so I didn’t get bored with using the same pen or pencil. Having just one piece of paper to occupy my fridge is just enough space to leave room for all the other clutter that occupies the front of my fridge. So anyway.

One of my many things that I will continue to do for this month and every month thereafter is to have less involvement with individuals and things that are not bringing joy into my life. Learning to leave old non-worthy friendships as well as relationships in the past, that don’t and will not benefit me in my near future. For some crazy reason I feel like those people would have miraculously changed and somehow become more respectful, kind, considerate and even compassionate over time. Then the moment I stay investing my time and energy into those people I become disappointed. So it’s safe to say it’s better to leave those individual’s in the past. Another goal for this month is to work on blogging more as well as working on my manuscript that I have lost a bit of focus on. Taking some time and space for myself will help with the possibilities of creating, especially when I’m in a good space to create, always feels best. Another goal for the remaining month of January is to take at least one weekend a month to myself by shutting the world out, no means of communication what-so-ever. I have to say I’ve accomplished that and man does that feel just amazing.

I’m Very passionate and driven to the things that matter most in my life and when I want something I normally don’t stop until I achieve that goal. So every day is a challenge, especially since I have monthly goals to accomplish my life will be keeping me pretty busy I must say.  Finally finding the time to write my 1st blog of the year is a good start and I’m hoping to stay more focused and write more just to keep my thoughts flowing and active.

What are some of your goals, daily, monthly, even a goal for the year, perhaps? What is something you might want to knock off your bucket list? I want to know what people are doing for the year 2013. Keep me posted.


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