My Reality on Dating


I wouldn’t say I’ve done my share of dating so to say but a good two years of investing my time and energy at first into a good thing was really just another experience for me. Getting to know beautiful strangers, learning about other people and their personalities,  learning  how much patience I really had and just learning about myself was really what I was looking for, in a sense.  After being in long term relationships I felt it was best to meet women, date and enjoy their company to know what they were all about and for some reason these women were either fresh out of relationships, emotionally unavailable, didn’t understand the concepts of being respectful, kind, considerate, compassionate and understanding. Some folks were intensely too involved in themselves they could never take responsibility for any of their actions or wrong doings and who has time for all of that denial?  Man what a Struggle.  Learn to admit mistakes, know your personal flaws, know that  maybe you might need to change, being self-aware is so important in life and when folks constantly deny their truths it becomes deathly unhealthy. But then again who the hell am I! Those individuals might really feel there is no real issue or personal problem with them. So then you’re stuck and not getting very far in that situation b/c some folks are not emotionally intelligent enough or have way too much pride admitting faults in themselves.  So that delays change or any hope of that friendship/relationship to even build, grow or flourish into something great because that individual is too busy worrying about denying their own faults instead of trying to accept and work on them.

                            Without putting blame on any individuals who have had some impact in why I’m clearly over dating, yes I can say I can be a handful at times. I’m moody, selfish, I have my attitudes, can be demanding and pushy BUT see I know these things about myself. I would be the 1st person to say, “Yup you’re right I might need to correct my behavior”, but there are just some folks who fight tooth and nail and feel they’re always right and there is never any compromise on any level of understanding with those types of people.

 Like with most things in life when investing your time and energy into something you’re hoping to get a good return in that investment, correct? Well that hasn’t happened with the many people I’ve dated over the span of two years. Don’t get me wrong I’ve had wonderful experiences with those individuals, traveled places, seen things, learned things about myself and life that I wouldn’t necessarily have if I was still in those long term relationships where I wasn’t 100% happy. The journey has been an intense one, but my destination is still amongst my travels.  As far as my investment for the year 2013 goes, it will be less on dating and more focus on me and how I can become a better person and human being so when the time does come I can be better equipped with what is being dropped in my lap. Being emotionally balanced, more self-aware and able to communicate and deliver my feelings and emotions in a much more effective, caring and compassionate way. All these things take time and taking care of others, like trying to help, save and fix people who are clearly broken or are afraid of change is taxing on my own self-improvement and I lose focus on what my original goals are, which now is just taking care of self, no longer worrying about others in this junction/chapter of my life.

 Don’t get me wrong I love meeting new people and sharing all those beautiful experiences with beautiful strangers, but there also comes a time when dating consumes your life and can be more challenging then it is fun.  So take a moment what are your dating experiences? Online dating stories, crazy encounters, fun mishaps, or maybe you’ve found love in all this dating chaos out there. I want to hear YOUR dating stories. Got’em post’em!


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