This Mood..

I’m feeling some sort of way today.

Woke up this morning decided I didn’t feel like going to work and wanted to catch up on this much needed studying that I’ve neglected to get to during Spring Break. So anyway, ate breakfast, went to the gym and had a wonderful work-out. So I’m feeling energized and ready to conquer the world right? Not so much. Only a limited amount of studying had taken place this afternoon, which has created some type of feeling inside me.

I decide to watch some dumb TV and then watch  Brooklyn’s Finest on NetFlix and I’m still feeling some sort of way. Then i go and check my cell phone about a million times and doesn’t it just kill you when you’re bored and have absolutely NOTHING to do and no one wants to call or text you, but the moment you’re swamped with work everyone in the whole world wants your attention. Well I did get a text from an individual who I just believe likes to get under my skin and just really boils my blood. And to make matters worse, remember I’m already in a mood.

So I’m laying in my bed I begin to realize I’m starting to feel sorry for myself, and I start to engage in all the many emotions that I guess a woman can endure in any given day. Well today was my day! I mean just hours, many hours before I was really feeling great, awesome and had a game plan for my much needed day off. Then I ended up having a dark cloud of emotions and feelings slowly move in and change my mood.  So now I’m in bed thinking about moving out of this wonderful apartment and moving back home with my Mom, or selling everything in this apartment and just running away, then for some reason I feel like I haven’t accomplished MUCH in my life and need to get it together (which really is far from the truth), or why I let individuals have so much power over my feelings and emotions, or then I’m thinking about all the folks in my cell phone who I NEVER really call and how I should just delete them. Then it becomes extreme, lol, I want to just NOT own a phone so that no one is able to get a hold of me. Man, I’m so damn dramatic, right?

What in the world is going on with me. I call a couple friends in hopes that their voice can cheer me up, or their pep talk or something will give me hope. Doesn’t work their voices just irritate me to no other and I can’t get off the phone quick enough. So with all these wild and crazy thoughts running through my damn head I decide to go back to bed, again. I wake up, like 20 minutes later and BAM it hits me, its that special time of the month that has my hormones jumping from branch to branch. No wonder my lack of energy was depleted or I was light weight depressed for a good 5 hours and now I write about this wild experience for you all to experience as well.

The joys of womanhood!!!


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