The Journey of Hair

-5Hair, I always thought it made me or defined who I was or what I looked like. I even felt that people would judge me or not like me because my hair didn’t look a certain way or I wasn’t conforming to their idea of what my hair should look like. Even as a child and having to go by my mother’s sense of knowledge in hair, wearing those colorful pony tails with the Barrettes hanging from the ends of my hair. Having to get my hair washed under the kitchens sink, or having her blow dry my nappy tender-head self, crying and praying for it to be over. Having to sit and wait for that hot smoky of a hot comb to graze inches from my young skin. Those days are now far behind me. But even then having my hair a certain way defined who I was if my hair wasn’t properly put together before I stepped outside the doors of my mother’s home. Some of the many things I worried about. Making sure my hair looked good before heading out into the public.

-3Then I grew up and in middle school it was time to conform and get a perm, which caused stress on my hair, took too long to grow or it would break off and I wore that for many years. Loved how silky it would look being freshly permed, flat ironed and styled. I felt adn knew i was super cute. Then a shift happened, got involved with a lovely lady who was already going natural and was taking the steps to grow her hair out and start the Loc’in process. So I then cut my hair extremely short and decided that I was going to grow out the perm that wasn’t doing me justice and revert back to my childhood and learn to take care of my natural hair. Boy, was that a challenge for a while.

-2So I finally decided after much consideration, after many hair styles of the braiding of my hair; perms, haircuts, flat irons, the continuous washing and blow drying and unnecessary effort to fit into some type of comfortable world of “perfect hair” or “good hair” I was and still am very tired of whether I look good to one person with long hair, or maybe the texture of my hair doesn’t fit into what “normal” looks like. I am past all of that. So I’ve decided to do what makes me feel comfortable and not what’s new or the latest FAD for the year, I’m ready to take on another hair challenge, since having had my hair in a natural for a little over two years the next step in my journey is to finally start these Dread loc’s and with that said there is nothing dreadful about loc’in my hair. Beauty can be defined on so many levels. I’m beautiful regardless what my hair looks like or what any other person thinks. It really doesn’t matter and with that said this is more to challenge my lack of patience because this journey, my story with my hair will be a long and adventurous journey.  Image

Stay tuned..


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