My Mothers 60th Birthday Project

So my wonderful Mother will be 60 years old and I was trying to figure out what could I possibly do for this woman. We always do the same BBQ in the back yard and my brother and myself bring all our friends to celebrate her day. We drink large amounts of alcohol, scream and yell at one another and bring back all the old good time memories from our childhood. Or we go to some over the top restaurant that we might think our wonderful Mother will enjoy, which she always does because her children have great taste in food! There were the comedy shows we took her to, concerts and other shows that she might have hinted she wanted to attend, we buy her clothes, and tons of perfume that have taken up her entire night stand, so I’m not sure how much more perfume this woman can have. Plenty more I assume. Those were all great and very memorable birthday moments, but I want to do something a little more crafty in a sense, and of course something she’ll never forget.

So this year I’ve taken her birthday, her 60th birthday to be exact and have created an arts and craft activity that I want to  included all my Mothers close friends, family, co-workers, teachers, doctors, hair stylists and all the many people who have shared a single moment of time, who may have crossed her path in anyway, shape of form. I want all these individuals to write a letter of their favorite memory, first memory or anything that they can think of about involving my Mother. My Mother and I are very close and she talks a lot about her past and all her many experiences with the many people who have been in her life. So why not have all those many people join in and write a letter to her about all of their memories they’ve shared with her.

So I’ve collected one of my Mothers co-workers to ask all the people who he thought might want to participate in my activity at the their job, I’ve contacted my Mothers best friend who knows all their college buddies in Portland, Oregon and the other folks out there that I may not be able to contact. My brother and myself have contacted family and of course we’ll also participate in the activity as well. My goal is to collect 60 letters from everyone, because of course she’ll be 60 years old!!! I want to place all the letters that will be sent to me either via-email, mail or personally delivered to myself and place them in a vintage airmail envelope and number each envelope from 1 through 60 with stickers I’ll get from Michaels arts and craft store. I’m hoping to complete this fun activity the last week of this month and give them to her the day of her birthday. The details are still being worked out on when we’ll actually give them to her.

So as I sent out the emails and left phone messages to all the many people who have known my Mother over the years I received my 1st email from my Mothers old co-work that was sent on Friday night (8.9.2013) as I was heading out on the town. As I read this amazing letter I instantly smiled from ear to ear and chills ran through out my body. This woman really loved my Mother and I was so thrilled she took the time out to write such a heartwarming letter. After reading the email it just made me more excited and now I’m waiting in anticipation for the rest of these letters to continue pouring in.

Updates on the process will continue…



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