It’s Time for a Change

I’m trying to wrap my head around the fact that I’m tired of the familiar. The everyday grind of walking down these familiar streets every morning, racing ( not really, more like slowly dragging my tired and weary body) to the BART station. Catching the same damn SF train to work and getting off at the Powell station and proceeding to ride bus 27 all the way down Bryant to work. I feel like I’ve been working in the city doing the same damn thing for years!

71751_1609784001001_1128265203_1738498_5343414_nSo after talking with a co-worker about our job and how she really enjoys being there and enjoys all the work she does for our company I told her I was done with this job… And wanted to venture off and do other things and how I’m tired of cooperate American. Her response was “well you can’t get around that. You have no choice” oh hell I do have a choice I can work for myself. She was like “oh like what your dance stuff” kind of like mocking me in a sense. I no longer wish to express my thoughts, dreams or desires with people who for some reason do not share the same passion as I do, which is living a life of pleasure. Not being tied down to anyone job. I realize that many people are content with working their job of like 15 years and have no future goals for themselves. Not my problem. And want me to be miserable just like them, that’s not going happen.

Sometimes it’s best to keep your dreams and ideas to yourself. There is always someone doubting you.  There is more to life then working. Go travel the world go see something else other than pushing paper at your 9 to 5. Take a weekend trip away from your comfort zone. Take some damn risks in your simple life and STOP knocking my dreams. I think if folks too more time out and saw the world, there is so much more than working behind a desk pushing paper, or better yet working for “The Man” in my eyes that is.

And yes I have dreams and have been out living those dreams for a while now.. I guess people are intimated by those who take charge in their life. If you don’t take risks in your life.. YOU might as well be dead.. Like really!

All I know it’s time and I’m ready to leave California, not forever but at this moment in my life I’ve done what I’ve needed to do, graduated from high school, made my way through college, obtain the few jobs I wanted and did the many adventures, experienced love and heartache, met and lost friends, laughed and cried over many things, in California. Now I’m ready to experience a new chapter of my life elsewhere. Where that might be, out of the country maybe to another state like,  Texas, New York or even Atlanta, GA. I’m such a free spirit I can NOT be tied down to anyone place for very long so by the years end I’m thinking of starting a new chapter of my lovely life in a place far away from California, my home, and a place that I feel is too safe for comfort for me.

The end.


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