4th Annual River Rafting Adventure

What a way to end the weekend and start the work week off right, with a trip to down the American River in the Rancho Cordova, Sacramento area.

Jump for Joy
Jump for Joy

Making sure we packed away all the essentials, like food and beer and threw it all in the back of our 7 person van and hit the highway as early as 7:45am. (8.18.2013)-1

I have to say this was by far the best river rafting trip in the 4 years of planning. The number of people continue to grow, we had about 42 people and a total of 5 rafts. Everyone this year had a positive attitude, there was non-stop laughing, major water gun fights, lots of drinking, everyone got along and of course soaked in all the sun.

8.18.13 river rafting group
8.18.13 river rafting group

I made new friends had some deep conversations, jumped off a rope swing a few times, scared out of my mind. I even jumped off a damn cliff into the water where the current decided to pull me down the river. Dive into life

I had the best time words can’t really explain how much fun I had, all I know is that I’m super tired today, I lost my voice, my feet hurt, all my muscles in my body are aching, and I have a major sun burn on my shoulders. Priceless! I can’t not wait until next years River Rafting Trip! And to think, everyone came back alive, not too intoxicated and ready to continue to conquer the world for yet another one of my awesome adventures! lol-4



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