Sex..How I rememeber it. Part I

Nervously anticipating the next move to make, if there was in fact a next move. I was shocked and amaze how this woman who was on top of me, her body was perfect in every way that a woman could be, which caused me to throb in places that I hadn’t felt in such a long time. I took a moment to marvel in what felt like hours over this woman who was now straddling me with her strong, smooth perfect thighs. Being pressed skin to skin, caused chills and shock waves to shot throughout my body, I needed the release.

As the woman slowly ran her fingers down my now trembling body, each touch caused excitement to spring throughout me as I watched her slowly work her way down my body placing her body in between my legs. As she leans down to kiss my open mouth with hungry passionate kisses, causing fire between the two of us, my body is aching for it, my heart rate is anticipating it, even my breathing is dependent on the pleasure she is about to give me and every moment I wait I began to get anxious as if it will never happen. Not knowing what to do next I wrapped my long legs around her waist to pull her in closer, to feel her all over me. She pulls back and says, “Relax. I want to enjoy you and I want you to enjoy every moment of this.”


So I lay smiling to myself in silence, vulnerable and exposed as I marvel over my grand prize. As her fingers dance over my breast that were imprisoned by lace and wire that held my full breast captive until she slowly unhooked the clamps from behind-separated, free from confinement as they fell to each side taking one nipple into her warm mouth biting down gently causing them to grow erect while taking the other between her index and middle finger causing a moan to leave my body. As she paid attention to both my breast placing them into her mouth playing with each nipple with her tongue-erect and ready for more tantalizing pleasure causing my body to become crippled with the sweet pain of pleasure.

Leaving kisses down my well-toned and defined body paying close attention to the freckles, blemishes and moles that take over my body. With each kiss from her warm mouth, causing the muscles of my stomach to flex and tighten with each touch, each kiss, and even the gentle blow from her mouth cause a sight reaction of uneasiness. The aroma of sweet crème and nectarines lingering a pungent scent of delight and excitement filled the room as I lay quietly anticipating for what’s next. Running her hands down my trembling body, hands lingering on my hips as she traced her fingers along the lace of my panties, between my thighs. I knew she could feel how wet I was becoming as my cunt ached and throbbed at the thought of this woman who was on top of me teasing me with her simple touches avoiding every chance she could of my aching cunt. Finally after much anticipation she lifts my hips up off the bed and slowly pulls my panties from my hips, down my thighs as I help and lift my long legs to the sealing above her head throwing my damp panties onto the floor. All I want, I want her to touch me. Throbbing, pulsating with frustrating, my body wants this, now! I can see how she’s enjoying this, me struggling to hold it together


She takes her index finger circling the inside of my lips that secretly hold the pearl of pure pleasure- my amazingly beautiful cunt dripping with sweet nectar, this woman doesn’t hesitate. She goes for what she wants, what I want, what I’ve so desperately been waiting for. I grab the sheets a little tighter with each lapse of this woman’s tongue trying to fight back the intense feelings as she places her hands on each thigh to keep from moving as she continues sucking gently on my pulsating cunt, flexing her tongue as she enters the dark and scared place not many have ever entered, but tonight this woman can have me any way she wants for however long she wants me. I’m ready to fall apart under this woman as I begin reaching for things that are clearly out of my reach, my legs begin to give in to the resistance of the woman’s grip on my thighs. An intensity of pleasure starts to build inside me, running throughout my entire body a feeling I hadn’t felt in a while was now becoming more familiar with each lapse of her tongue causing my cunt to become saturated underneath me. Still working her tongue she slowly places her index and middle finger inside the warm, delicate yet savory darkness of heaven, that’s what she calls it. With each thrust of those loving fingers building a much stronger a much deeper feel inside me I could see and feel the rise and fall of my body moving with each thrust to meet her now sex organ inside me.

My mind was becoming blank, everything was becoming quite as a pain shot throughout my body like a shock wave of pure pleasure rushing through me like a thief in the night pulling me apart exposing all my inner most desires, fears, pain, pleasures all in one orgasmic explosion. I know this woman could feel me fall apart underneath her as my cunt pulls her deeper inside of me pulsating cunt around her loving fingers. My breathing and heart rate trying to catch up to reality as she slows her rhythm easing in and out. Wet and slick, I’m jolted back into reality. All the quite is no longer and my mind is now clear and back into focus.

This was is how I want to remember her, how I want to remember this Sex..


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