3 days into 2014


Three days into the New Year and I was lucky enough to bring it in with a clear mind, lots of stretching, paying close attention to my breathing while being surrounded with like-minded people as myself with an hour of Yoga and Meditation. With all the many things that had been happening in my life of 2013 I thought it would be a refresher and a nice way to clear my mind without the hectic hustle and bustle of loud music, the over indulging in alcohol, and the stress of finding that perfect little black dress.

I reflected on everything I had done or wished about the things I could have accomplished in the year 2013. Instead of hoarding around my dreams, wishes and desires I reflected on how I was going to accomplish these things today, in 2014. Well by making small obtainable monthly goals, meditating more, working out more, writing, blogging and creating more, taking more risk with my work and life, being more adventurous, social and actively network and share more of my work and just doing things that I’m supposed to do in this young life that I’m living.

So now that I’m a little older it’s about time to reach a little deeper within myself, making goals a little more challenging, for me that gets my gears moving. I get bored easy with doing the same simple things constantly which doesn’t do much for me and my creative space in my mind. Taking steps in this life, because I only have one, staying positive, to lead the life I’ve always wanted. 2013, I was much more relaxed and comfortable I didn’t really push myself, or really have that drive or motivation. Anyone that knows me knows that doesn’t even look, feel or even smell like something I’d do. Well I did, wasn’t very productive of me either.

So today and for the remaining 2014 it’s a great time to experience all things positive to experience life in a more/better/greater way. To feel/smell/taste/hear to live in the things that you wouldn’t normally. Really being able to be in the moment, in the NOW with all experiences, in all spheres of life (physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually). So I’ve challenged myself to blog weekly, because daily wasn’t manageable and to complete my 1st novel and write my journey on that process as well.

So it’s time to revamp my page since it’s over due and I’m ready for a fresh new look and start on this awesome journey I’m about to take in life as well as with my writing and this creative process. Anyone who is on that journey of finding themselves and venturing into scary, beautiful, exciting and colorful dreams the time is now. Enjoy!


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