Always forward motions..

Putting everything into perspective for just a day helps clear up a lot of confusion, doubt and misunderstandings on so many different levels. People usually tell you to move through the past and leave it there. But sometimes I can’t help but to lay in the grass stare up into the blue sky as the sun shines down on me and think of that one very place that always brings me back to that one very not so confusion, yet beautiful day.  Sometimes moving back into the past helps with the reflecting and understanding of events, feelings, emotions and things that I use to love and enjoy are now just a distant memory. And really that’s perfectly fine. Sometimes drifting back into the past helps with my creative process, but I never stay in the past only just long enough to realize my future is so much better living and breathing in tumblr_myxgfkJQca1t2deygo1_500the present moments.

Sometimes drifting in the past aches my heart a little to know that I’m
leaving behind, people, places and things. As some might say if the people,
places and things from the past were that important they would be traveling
right beside me along my journey, to the future. That’s thing about having
alone time, clearing my mind to where it starts to wonder, towards the past
remembering the good, the bad and everything in between that has helped me
create this beautiful life and journey. Taking moments out of my day to give
thanks and appreciate everything that has crossed my path. The good, the bad
and everything in between, this is my journey and a path that only I can
create, of course with the help of the people, places and things that push me
into forward moving motions.

I’m learning to let go of the clinging behavior of the past that is no longer, it happened, I experienced it, felt the many emotions that went along with those actions and no matter how hard I try I can never duplicate those feel good feelings every again. Learning to let go, breathe and move forward.


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