Goals for January 2014

Every month for the past two years I would post 10 monthly goals on a sheet of white paper and every goal would be written in a different color with a color pencil, because I like fun and color in my house, so why not, right?  Instead of the whole New Year’s Resolution type of thing I thought why not make small obtainable goals and see the progress I made at the end of every month. Even if I accomplished 4 of the 10 goals, I could always add to the following month. I usually would tape the monthly goal on my fridge so I could see it, which I still will do, but now I’m sharing to the world my Month Goals starting with this month, January.tumblr_myqhc5fK8G1rc5v2so1_400

1. Working on business ventures for my future Youth Development Program

2. Continue learning & Growing from all things that surround me. Being more self-aware and continue to remain in a positive mind state

3. Continue working on the edits to my completed Novel (Yes I finally completed it after 6 years)

4. Blog at LEAST once a week

5. Pole Dance (Class) at least once a week

6. Spend more time outdoors & with my CA friends before I officially leave to out of state

7. Take at least one day a week for myself, turning off all electronics and being kind to myself, my mind & body

8. Open my arms  fully to embrace love and being loved and not being afraid to be vulnerable

9. Start working on my new set of adventurous, travel plans, vacations and thrills

10. Start training for the amazing marathon I will be doing (Yup, finally)

11. Learn to actively meditate daily and incorporate into my life


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