Cell Phones and Social Networks

The first things we all do in the morning and the last things we all do at night. What’s more important than missing out on the best moments of our lives? That’s right, nothing. Let’s all take a break from the cell phones and this social network nonsense and really enjoy one another and be present in our everyday lives. Life is too short to be worried about missing out on a comment on your FB page, or who is or isn’t dating so-n-so, the lack of friends on your IG or who isn’t following you on Twitter. Can we really enjoy our lives without having to share every single moment with the entire world? What special moments are we able to just keep to ourselves, for ourselves?

Let’s limit the cell phone usage and social networks and spend more time with real life-physical interactions. I’m ready to live in the NOW, which starts right NOW!  What about you? Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Cell Phones and Social Networks

  1. Trelani M Duncan says:

    Although I’m on my cell phone right now (lol), I totally agree with you. In trying to consistently share the moment, we take away from it. Even I struggle with this, often attributing my reason to work. It’s a conscious, though worthy, effort to limit the cell phone/social media usage. Well said. Short and sweet. Thanks for the refreshing reminder.


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