Last Days in Berkeley

26225_396903550831_5202192_nI’ve lived in Berkeley for a good 6 years and have loved all (that) the adventures it had to offer for me. All the neighbors were extremely friendly, I’d walk down the street and for the most part people would speak or acknowledge that you were crossing paths with them. I’ve made many friends in my neighborhood, have had dinner at their homes or out at restaurants, offered trips and even offers to watch my furry friend Bentley-Bucket the dog. He seems to receive more attention than myself. But the love was always mutual, I’m grateful and very appreciative of all my many experiences here in Berkeley.

Everything was in arms reach, from all the best restaurants you could think of, which was named The Gourmet Ghetto and I will name a few of the places I’ve come to love; Cheese Board Pizza where you can take your pizza, salad and whatever beverage and sit out on the grass, the Median to be exact. You’re really not supposed to for fear of some reckless driver coming and crashing onto the Median ruining your ever so relaxing lunch.  If you want some really good Crispy Potato Puffs that I was introduced to 4 years ago make your way out to Berkeley. Then there’s The Guerilla Cafe that I just recently have had the chance to enjoy, wish I would have spent more time enjoying their menu. I’ve had many run INS at the Crepe Vine with various different people, food is good but the memories will never be forgotten there. For some reason I’ve only been to Mint Leaf Indian restaurant once last year, and I love Indian food, what was I thinking. There are plenty more and I know I’m leaving out some really good places, but for reading sake I’ll cut it short. Oh but a great Sushi spot Kirala that I’ve taken many folks to and will miss my favorite Sushi Chef Conrad with all his specials he would make just for me.

I can’t forget the convenience of the many grocery stores nearby, farmers markets,  Flea Markets, food truck events and so much more. Public transportation was literally right in front of my apartment. The train station, BART, was a good 7 minute walk.

Then you ask why in the world would you move away from a location like that? I know right, why in the world would I leave a place that is so easily accessible and literally in arms reach?

I’ve lived in California my entire life, born and raised with little to no complaints of this wonderful state. It’s just time for me to move on and grown on someplace else. Learn a new way of life in another state and a different city and make many more mistakes, memories and enjoy another great chapter of my life.

I was never really a person hung up on material things, but I use to be hung up on the apartment that I’ve grown to love and have had a very intense journey over the past 6 years. All I can say is that everything that has ever happened in that apartment were lesson and memories. And I’m finally in a place where I can finally let go of the one thing I use to think was holding me back from moving on and growing, the wonderful and amazing apartment and city in Berkeley.

If there is one thing that I’ve always learned is to never put so much energy into material things. Those things come and go and can always be replaced. I never wanted to move from that apartment because of the location, the amenities inside and of course the price. Price matters when you’re living in the Bay Area and location is just as important. Where I lived I was close to Oakland where all my friends are located and then we have San Francisco where my job was. I was in heaven!

So I’m finally growing up and letting go of some fears and doubts and moving on with my life. I’m more excited about this then anything really and you all will get a chance to experience and read along my journey as well. I’m finally ready to take that leap and live my life to the fullest!

What are some of your first time moments of taking a leap out on faith?


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