What are all the things that kill your dreams?

Here is a link of:


And here are a few that resonate in my life in some way shape or form.

Fears: #1 Fear of failure

Effort: #9 Procrastination

Waiting: #15 Waiting for someone else to value you instead of understanding your value first

Too Much: #19 Too much idle time on the internet and social media. The only reasons to be on Facebook in the middle of the day are that you work for Facebook, you have social media marketer in your job title, you’re an entrepreneur trying to get customers.

Not: #28 Not protecting your time and setting boundaries

Mistaken & Out of Focus: #41 Focusing on time in school vs. time on developing skills

Relationships: #50 Only reaching out when you need something

Money: #59 Poor money management

Career: #70 Trying to be jack of all trades and thus master none

Backwards Thinking: #77 Playing the victim

Self-Doubt: #87 Being too concerned with what other people are doing

Ego: #92 Planning too much. Trying to control outcomes. Being controlling.

What are your thoughts and feelings on this article, did you like it, can you relate? Would love to hear from the people on this subject.


5 thoughts on “What are all the things that kill your dreams?

  1. Adelemm says:

    Ohhh, number one is big one on my list too. It’s also top of my list for moving past. It’s the silliest obstruction ever. Not trying is always the biggest failure. Now repeat until it sinks in!


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