Goals for February 2014

Last month I had made a total of eleven goals that I was hoping to accomplish. Of the eleven goals I was only able to work on four of them. Hopefully for the month of February I will be able to make these small obtainable goals and really get them accomplished.

So with that said here are a few goals for the month of February:

tumblr_n0r9ksJu7H1tn18ozo1_5001. Continue researching and working on my business plan a few hours every day

2. Blog at least once a week

3. Increase my motivation with throwing myself into what I love to do, staying positive

4. Work on my edits for my novel, one chapter a day.

5. Get out and network in my new city and enjoy and learn the surrounding areas

6. Not to get too overwhelmed with the many things that need to be accomplished

7. Working on my personal & professional goals

8. Journal more (pen/pencil to paper) my thoughts feelings and emotions into my notebook

9. Join a meetup group that is related to my creative side: writing, spoken word, novel writing to enhance my writing skills

10. Keep in contact with my Bay Area friends at least once a week


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