When two people know in their heart that they are not good for one another why do they continuously run back to one another over and over again? They will always remain the same people, expecting a different outcome, different results, and a different kind of madness.

As usual every single time as they both know what that outcome will ultimately be they still peruse one another in the constant battle to have each other. Afraid of allowing any other person to occupy their lives they have created an addiction so deadly not even they know what they’ve created.tumblr_n1cqsbMC1B1rasw24o1_500

Old comfortable habits are hard to kick especially when a connection so strong and so very intense between two people have been going on for so long..the expectation is that if they try and try to make it work things will be different. Right? The constant battle of dealing with that same person over and over again with results panning out the same..isn’t that a clear definition of insanity?

That just means it’s time to drop this deadly and painful addiction/cycle and make a clean break for a healthy new start..


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