Goals for March 2014

Every day is a work in progress so I can’t beat myself up to much on my progress for the month of February. It’s all about accomplishing those small goals one day at a time. Last month I had 10 goals and was able to accomplish half that. Think I’m moving in a positive direction toward success.

So a couple goals I’d like to accomplish for March are:tumblr_n2dnj1vIsw1sk1j7po1_500

1. Work on completing the last three chapters of my novel (two hours a day)

2. Take time to read a book an hour a day

3. Organize the office so that it’s functional and productive (To help with my motivation)

4. Continue researching/networking every day & to designate specific times throughout the day to focus on those ideas

5. Blog once a week and prep for additional blogs when thoughts/ideas arise. (Post on all my social networks)

6. Attend a Meet-up this month

7. Work-out at least 3 times a week

8. Work on brief interview questions on being a writer

9. Continue unpacking boxes and getting house in order a little every day

10. Continue being open to new creative ideas

11. Actively work on building my family and creating the life and love that I want


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