Goals for April 2014

There has been a lot of change that has happened in my life for the month of March, unexpected changes, but they were all good and for the better growth of my career. As some know these changes have had me slipping on other important aspects of my life as well. Last month, March, I had created 11 goals and was only able to accomplish 4 of them. Instead of beating myself up I should show myself compassion and know I can only do the best that I can and continue to complete these goals a day at a time. If not this month then I can add them to another month to complete, right?tumblr_n3teijkcG41ty9h23o1_500

One of the goals for March was to continue to blog every week. Since I started school I was behind two weeks of blogging. I’ve found the time and focus to get back into writing. It’s my first love so I need to continue to show more effort in that arena.

Goals for April are:

1. Study and focus on passing the Real Estate Course

2. Work on manuscript at least 1 hour a day

3. Attend 1 meet-up this month

4. Apply to at least 5 jobs a day

5. Take a weekend/week day to myself (alone) turn off all electronics, no social media, no running around and just staying still and being in the present moment with myself

6. Networking/Socializing meeting new people

7. Continue blogging on all social networks about my work

8. Read a good book an hour a day

9. Making my home a place of comfort and peace

10. Research my craft(s)


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