Goals for May

Every day is a work in progress. So lets see what I accomplished last month, April. I had 10 goals and of those 10 I completed half that. Pretty good since I had major studying and research to do in that month. I completed my real estate course’s with one test remaining and then I can get back to focusing on editing my novel and working on marketing my work. Since we’re 13 days into May lets see what I’d like to accomplish this month.

tumblr_n5evh6wEvw1sdzjr0o1_500Goals for May:

1. Work on obtaining my Business License (Research Real Estate Investing)

2. Attend at least one meetup event (Network in my field, Make new friends)

3. Sign up for a Pole Fit workshop/ work out 3x’s a week/ Yoga

4. Complete the last chapters of my novel (600 words a day)

5. Take one day a week just for myself

6. Create a type of environment that is peaceful, healthy and productive

7.  Work on blogging more (twice a week, no less than once a week)

8. Actively looking for full/part time work

9. Research neighborhoods in the surrounding area

10. Continue building healthy, strong and meaningful friendships




2 thoughts on “Goals for May

  1. jusRhae says:

    Thank you for this. When I read you post last month about this I reminder a time when I had peace a mind enough to do such a thing. And I remembered that I had, many times…yet I hadn’t in a long time.

    Thank you for reminding me, again, to take time to continuing creating my peace of mind, and heart, and soul (ha) and so forth. I’ve been going through some -ish, and well just about :30 minutes ago something came full circle (some call it an “aha moment”. And it felt good. Then I read this post. 😀
    (i babbled a bit. my bad.)


    1. New to the Game says:

      Hello my friend. It’s been a while since we’ve last spoken. I’m glad my words have reminded you to continue to create your peace of mind, heart, souls and so forth. Lol, 🙂 don’t be a stranger.. 😉


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