Finally, coming to the end

You did right
You took it to the extreme
And might have even taken it to far
You, pushed me away

You showed me a side I have never seen
With all those early morning lies and the late night false cries
Broken promises that were hidden inside
You, pushed me away

The continued “I’m sorry” has finally come to an end
Please continue to push me further away, please let it be the end
This is what you wanted-needed so desperately
A reason to make everything good come to a halting end
You, pushed me away

Thank you for the real, true and sincere you
A little push was all I needed to know
That something wasn’t right when it
Came to you

That’s all it took for you to reveal
Your true and unremarkable you
You have made it so easy to let go of, you
To lose all the feelings I once thought to be true
I even thought you could
Be, possibly, maybe
Someone who would have been right for me

A little push was all I needed
For you to reveal who you truly
Have surfaced and planted in front of me
You. Pushed me away


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