June 2014 Goals

The month of May turned out to be very successful and productive month, which has helped me open my eyes to a few things. Just to briefly go over a couple of my accomplishments and goals for May. I’ve been studying really hard for the past couple of months to complete this Real Estate Course, thankfully I’ve completed the course with a good friend whom we studied day in and day out, which we both passed and are ready to take the state exam later in June. I also stated that I wanted to at least attend one Meetup event, network and make new friends. Well I attended two Meetups and have connected with a few ladies and have made arrangements to continue linking with one another outside of that group. So I’m feeling good about that. I wanted to workout 3 days a week and I’m feeling pretty good about that accomplishment as well.

 Reading one book for the month was also a monthly goal, now I’m reading two various books for real estate and one to keep some peace of mind, clarity and balance in my world. I stated that I wanted to get a job by the end of the month, after doing an interview with a real estate company I was offered to work with them the day after I completed and passed my course and yesterday (Monday) was my unofficial day in their training course until I’m a licensed real estate agent. I also have another job pending for the City of Atlanta; I’m pretty sure I have that job!

Over all I had 12 goals for May and accomplished 9 of them. I say I’m being highly productive with how I’m using my time. Making small obtainable goals every single day to reach the success I’m striving for!

tumblr_n6ljgdOEbD1rprhpmo1_500Goals for June 2014:

1. Continue to create a peaceful & enjoyable environment for myself

2. Actively work on my 2nd novel: write in my journal, create, network and speak about my talent

3. Study for the State Exam for Real Estate

4. Manage my time productively

5. Work on building my brand/business: education, research, network

6. Continue working out 3xs a week (Yoga, X3 Sports, Dance)

7. Read one book a day

8. Don’t compromise my beliefs or boundaries

9. Start working for the City of Atlanta (keep and maintain that job)

10. Attend one Meetup.com event (network, make new friends)

11. Build & Manage my database: add/connect and follow-up/reach out to 10 people daily

12. Continue building and creating my future: Business, Financial and Travel



4 thoughts on “June 2014 Goals

      1. jusRhae says:

        I have written them down, but they aren’t displayed. I will do that now.

        The first is a in depth one. I am currently still working on it. I think it should have been the only goal this month. Not that I cant really complete the others. But it works as so this one goal (receiving my CDA) will determine how the others fall into place. If that makes sense.

        I want to go meditate in the mountains but my time is tied to this on-line course. No excuses just careful attention to each movement for each step taken. Its coming though, its working in ways already.


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