Happiness is…

Happiness is when I feel independent to make my own decisions

Happiness is when my heart is doing more smiling than being broken down

Happiness is when the person you love shows you respect and really respects you

Happiness is where I can find a space to create my art

Happiness is when I see the person I love and feel more then proud to be their partner

Happiness is laughing for no good reason

Happiness is being able to fill my lungs and breathe in the air every single day

Happiness is sharing with your partner and having a mutual understanding of what your wants, needs and desires are and making efforts to meet those needs

Happiness is listening to another with compassion, consideration and being present in that very single moment, not talking, but really hearing what another is actually trying to tell you

Happiness is dancing to good music

Happiness is not being taken for granted for

Happiness is eating great food and drinking the best wine

Happiness is knowing when to apologize when wrong, but not ALWAYS apologizing for the same mistakes and not correcting your negative actions..

Happiness is being surrounded by the people who really love and know you best

Happiness is just sitting still and listening to the world around you

Happiness is reading a good book

Happiness is GREAT sex, spontaneous SEX

Happiness is when you’ve finally found the person of your dreams and realize you NO longer have to search anymore

Happiness is learning that love should never hurt, no matter what form it’s in

Happiness is when you can finally rest easy knowing that you are becoming the person you’ve always dreamed of

Happiness is knowing the man/woman you’re with knows what being a “Team Player” is all about

Happiness is knowing that I’ve accomplish a few dreams/goals in my life time

Happiness is knowing that I have the BEST Mother any daughter could have

Happiness is being able to taste the sweet nectar on my tongue

Happiness is knowing how to make yourself happy and be Okay with just you

Happiness is knowing that I don’t need YOU to make ME happy

Happiness is knowing my worth and knowing that the people and things that are in my life are creating a type of peace on my world. My main goal at the beginning of the year was that I would not allow someone into my world destroying my peace. If a person could not or did not know what respect was for themselves or how to respect me as a person. There was no way they were going to be able to walk with me in my life. If you have to work hard every day to maintain happiness and there is someone or something tearing down your happiness, you might need to reevaluate those things in your life, walk away. If there is something not bringing you joy, causing you heartache every day, has you questioning their intentions and loyalty, the things they do or say don’t match up to your expectations, you have every right eliminate them from your world, forever.




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