Do you beleive everything that’s posted on Facebook?

It’s really funny how people take everything on Facebook so seriously. Not everything that’s posted is actually REAL and not everyone’s life is as fabulous as they claim. It’s a social network life, not an actual true and real life.

Have you ever realized when looking at a certain “friends” page and wished you could live the life they’ve been showing the world, go on all those fancy trips, eat that amazing food, live in that awesome house, work that crazy perfect job and have that loving cute relationship? You sit and view all of this, doesn’t it kind of make you feel some sort of way, a little sad and depressed or has you feeling like maybe your life isn’t as fun as your “friends” claim it to be?

I mean anyone could have that life, just cut and paste those amazing pictures from Tumblr and you too could build that make believe life as well. I mean everyone is trying to out do the next person these days, is social media really a competition on who can make the next person jealous? We all want to live a certain way right? Just live your own true and REAL life.

What are your thoughts about social media, how does viewing other people’s social network page make you feel? Do you feel like you’re in competition with others or do you feel that others are competing to live your life? Why don’t people ever post about how “REAL” their lives really are, like their break ups, or the horrible situation they’ve gotten themselves in, getting fired from their job, not being able to pay rent, getting arrested for acting a damn fool in the bar/club? People rarely post about the bad stuff in their lives, not wanting to look bad next to the person that has the “PERFECT” life, right?



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