July Goals for 2014

So I finally made it, my Seven Months of Seven Goals. My goal for the seven months was to blog once a week for seven months. Which was accomplished for the most part. I might have skip a week here and there, but my monthly goals were accomplished and that’s exciting. I’m a person who is good about keeping my word and when I put my mind to something, or if there is something that I want, I usually get it. What can I say I’m a GOal getter.  Yes, that’s how I’m spelling it. lol. Since July is the seventh month of the year, we are half way through the year, and I’ve accomplished the Seven Month of Seven Goal, I’m going to continue with my monthly goals until the end of 2014, hopefully motivating and inspiring others to accomplish their small monthly goals as well.tumblr_n8iytlaevW1qdsq0ao1_1280

So, lets look back on the last six months and see what all we’ve accomplished and to see how much we’ve grown in accomplishing our goals. Take lessons on what you’ve learned good and bad and use them in your future endeavors. Whatever goals you weren’t able to complete in the last six months write it down for next month and make it your duty to accomplish it. Remember, make small obtainable goals so that you won’t be overwhelmed with trying to accomplish so much and not getting the results you are looking for.

So now for July Goals.

July Goals:

  1. Take a weekend for myself as a personal day with no electronics and just enjoy time ALONE
  2. Read ONE book a day
  3. Start working on a financial plan for : Personal & Professional (business) life
  4. Continue to be present in my everyday happenings
  5. Attend more outdoor functions/activities
  6. Continue studying for the state exam and pass and obtain my real estate license
  7. workout 5 days a week
  8. Create an environment that is peaceful
  9. Learn to cook a new meal (high in protein and calories) once a week
  10. Continue to network & build my business- continuous education
  11. Focus on my novel (600 words a day)
  12. Walk the dogs twice a week
  13. Working on being a better version of myself

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