Feels Good to be Back..Blogging

I’ve been missing in action for a very long while and have missed blogging with all of ya’ll. Lets say that life has been handed to me in a very interesting way.  Hopefully I will be able to share some of my personal journey with everyone since the last time I stopped blogging. I completed my Seven Months of Seven Goals and after that I completely stopped blogging without any real warning. Believe me it’s been very difficult not being able to express all my emotions during the three months of hanging in limbo. I was surround by other peoples unhappiness and negative energy which was draining my life at increasing speeds. With all the negativity in my world I was never really able to gain my balance and focus on all the things that I needed to focus on so I could get myself back on track in a healthy way.

In all honesty I really didn’t think I’d ever gain the focus on my writing, my business and all the things that truly made me happy which caused me great anxiety knowing that all this negative energy was surrounding my world and  clearly blocking all the many blessings that had come into my life. I was never really able to obtain any of those blessings because I had this huge dark and scary rain cloud hanging over my head.

It took me a while to decide if I really wanted to write this blog. You ask why? I didn’t want to release my life out to the world, I didn’t want people knowing that I’d been hurt, that I had been in a place that no person should ever have to experience.  Eventually in my up coming blog I will touch on that and after that I will never speak about those events because once they’re written down, I will have admitted not only to the world but to myself that this bad dream actually happened to me. Maybe you can relate, maybe not, but I do know that what I’m about to write is my experience and I do hope to never experience it again. I never thought I’d have to write about something so dark in my life, but that’s life. Life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, there are some rough, dark scary paths along those journeys as well.

On a much more brighter note, I’m in a much more happy and healthy situation. I feel like I’ve seen the light after been taken down a dark and horrific tunnel. I’m super excited about what the future has in store for me and I’m going to continue the life that I set out once I left Berkeley, Ca. This has definitely been a journey for me and more material for me to blog about and add to my future novels as well. This situation hasn’t broken my sprits, but has motivated me to push even harder for my dreams and goals and as many of you know I dream BIG!!


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