My challenge Starts Now..

Five things that are most important to me in my future mate?

1) Someone who values and knows the meaning of Love, Respect, Compassion, Consideration, Friendship, Trust, Team Work, Commitment, Communication, Active Listening, Supportive, Sensitive, Passionate, and can actively do these things as well.

2) Someone who enjoys sex, who is a sexual person, loves public displays of affection, hugs, kisses me, wants me, craves me. Wants to learn and try new exciting things involving sex, who can be passionate and romantic.

3) Someone who is ready to settle down, ready to build and start a life and family. Build an empire and take on the world together. Own a home, and travel the world!

4) Someone who has mutual respect for their parents and siblings, has some type of positive connection with family and has a sense of family.

5) Has their own personal goals, knows what it is they want for their future and is actively pursuing their dreams. Has a career or is actively working on their future career and knows what they want for themselves and is making moves to obtain everything that is needed for their future, career wise.


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