Where I was & Where I’m suppose to be…

Where you are in your life vs. where you thought you would be at this point? Relationship wise, I thought I would be living happily with my partner working on building that foundation of family, building and making a home with one another. Looking to buy a home, looking at our next great adventure together. I thought my partner would be by my side and happy about my career choice and being my cheerleader and having my back. Working on a plan to start a family and making those moves to actively have those things come true. Sharing memories, spending holidays and birthdays and just having each other’s back and being deeply and madly in love. tumblr_nbhb342uqr1rzycvpo1_1280 But now, I’m single again and I’m building my career and have so much support from the many friends that I’ve come into contact with, I’m building my empire with the help of so many talented people that have crossed my path since this break up. I will be buying my 1st house and making it my own home next year, building and creating the type of life I’ve always wanted for myself and be able to say, “Damn, I did this all by myself.” I have no real regrets, because after everything is said and done I’m actually much more happier now then I was in that relationship. Being with someone who isn’t happy in their own life and projecting all their unhappiness on to me, was what caused me to lose focus on my dreams. My mind is much more clear as to what it is I want for myself as far as a long term relationship is concerned. I know my worth and I deserve so much more then what I was about to settle for. So where I am in my life, is exactly where I should be! Happy!


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