Things are looking up!!

All things aside. My life has been happening right on time. I always tell people, if there is anything I want, with some hard work behind it. I always get it. Not to sound like I’m full of myself, but I put it out into the universe, I claim the things I want and BOOM, I get it. Staying positive, meditating and steering clear from people and things that are negative and would block me from my blessings has been very beneficial to me. It’s my time to shine, again. It’s finally time to get all the things that make me happy. It’s finally time to put all the words I’ve said out loud that I was going to do with myself and put them in action. All the many distractions that were keeping me from what was important to me, I now can finally make moves and get on the right track.

I’m way too grateful and positive and happy to live a life of regret, misery, hurt and pain and resentment. I have too many good things happening to me right now, too many wonderful people who’ve helped me and who have come into my life RIGHT ON TIME, during my low points in my life. I thank the universe every day for every single person that has been placed in my life the day my life was turned up side down.

It’s time for new beginnings, it’s a new season and it’s time to celebrate all these wonderful blessings. Life is good right now, I’m on a high on life and can not come down and will not allow anyone else’s negative life be pressed on me. This is the happiest I’ve been since I moved to Atlanta. It feels good to have a smile on my face and know that I’m the one that’s placed it there!!!


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