Reflecting on 2014

At the end of the year I do my normal self reflecting and self evaluation and taking a look back at everything that has transpired throughout the year, lucky for me this year I was able to do some self reflecting with a couple of friends who were also able to help me with staying positive and focus on the progress that I’ve made along my journey during 2014 and less on the negatives.

I have a friend who kindly gave me her perspective of me and my journey in the short time we’ve known one another, “I just have to say you’ve come along way, at least in the short amount of time I’ve know you. You’ve accomplished more in the last five months of 2014  then you have in your first seven months of arriving in Atlanta. The reason, you have positive people in your corner who are looking out for you. You’re more focused and driven even with all the challenges that have come your way. I don’t see you as a woman who would have ever given up, from the moment I met you you had a “go get’em” attitude. I admire that about you.”

To have a view like all the many reasons to stay blessed & positive for the New Year!! 2015!!
To have a view like all the many reasons to stay blessed & positive for the New Year!! 2015!!

After that comment it gave me a boost of confidence and I felt so much love and comfort then I had in a long while. I appreciate every person who has come into my life and has helped me along my journey. They never doubted me, question my path I decided to take, but always uplifted my spirits, and have always had my back from day one. I will always have so much respect for each individual who has been placed in my life, for a reason!

Lastly, 2014 might started out extremely rocky and at one point I thought it might never get better, but 2014 has ended up becoming a really progressive year, for the positive that is. I’m overly grateful for all the many blessings that have happened. What I do know is that for 2015 I’m going to remain focused on building my business and empire, staying positive even when those around me are not, continue to remove people and things out of my life that are not contributing the same positive energies as myself and who do not have the drive or goals as I do. Loving myself more and putting my needs first this year, if a lover is suppose to be in my life then it shall happen, I’m in no rush for that.. Keeping this blog short, sweet and to the point. See everyone in the new year, 2015!!!!


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