That Feeling of Friendship

It’s funny when you ask the universe for a lover to be someone who will take the time to really LISTEN and learn who you are. To take care of your feelings and have your back and stand firmly by the words they speak. Someone who is patient and kind and who has a warm spirit and brings joy into anyone’s world. Of course when we TRUST someone we assume that they will act honestly, truthfully, honorably and be reliable. Right?

tumblr_ni3lihpHuD1qdje4vo1_1280It’s even more refreshing when you meet complete strangers who become your friends and they too, make you feel so incredibly special. Their words uplift you and make you giddy at times. They’re compassionate, kind, supportive and that feeling almost feels like they could possibly be that lover that I want so badly. But then I realize as much as they would be awesome lovers, I’m only interested in building healthy strong, life long fulfilling friendships at this point in time.

It’s good to know that there are decent people in this cold world that want the same things that I want in a lover. It’s just not the right time I guess…

So all i can do is sit back and smile and be blissfully happy and grateful to surround myself around these beautiful people who bring so much joy into my life.

That thing called.. Friendship!


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