Right on Time…

tumblr_niq6keVxDV1tbgv8lo1_400I like to think life happens right on time, life happens when we least expect it to without real warning or thought. Life just happens even when we don’t want it to. Without any real pressure or force, but with ease and without any thought that might come to mind. January 1st of this New Year I never thought I would meet the people that I did that day. Exchanging conversations of the sort and not knowing where those conversations might lead to. Learning the people you come into contact with and learning that you too share similar interests, makes life much more enjoyable. Don’t you think? I feel like you can always learn from the people you come in contact with.

tumblr_niqxbfhyIL1tjawm8o1_1280For the past 25 days in January I’ve met the most beautiful, spiritually minded, talented, loving, creative and open minded individuals who have crossed my path. These individuals have helped me realize a few things about myself and what I can expect in the coming days, months and for the remaining year. In all honesty, I’m very excited about what life has in store for me, as I’ve already made many steps toward maintaining my happiness, building my empire, making and building long standing friendships. I’m ready to make more memories, share deep connections, love, and be loved, laugh more, be more adventurous, take more risk with my life (in every aspect of my life) and learn more.  My top priority in life at the moment is to live well, and this time around I am NOT willing to compromise that since I only have one life to live.



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