Building My Empire

Investing! Yes, I said it. Investing is how I will be able to build my Empire. Freedom to not work for any employer, ever again!

I decided in order for me to build my Empire and retire in the next 5 years I had to decide what was it that I valued most in order to create passive income. See these are the things you have to think about when you’re going into business for yourself and building something for you and your future family. Then I had to ask myself, what is my WHY?

  • To take control of my own financial future, TODAY!
  • Create another source of income for myself & family.
  • Have the freedom to take control of MY time.
  • Helping others through my many blessings
  • Time waits for no one & the future is what I make of it
  • To retire before I’m 75, I don’t want to continue working for the MAN at 75!
Small Steps Lead to Great Things!
Small Steps Lead to Great Things!

So for me it’s not about going to all these fancy restaurants every week drinking the most expensive drinks or eating Market rate price dinners, I can do it, but do I really need to, probably not. Maybe I wanted to get myself that brand new White BMW 335 i Coupe. That actually sounds nice…

I don’t value any of those things as much as I value having the freedom to travel any time, anywhere in the world, having adventures while meeting beautiful people and living my life to the fullest.

Build your own dreams, or someone else will hire you to build theirs"
Build your own dreams, or someone else will hire you to build theirs”

I’m done stressing over going into a 9 to 5 job and not getting the full benefits that life has for me. I’m over moving up the corporate latter, just for what? A much large salary, headaches and less time to enjoy life. No, thanks I will pass on all of that.

Investing, real estate and passive income these are the things that wake me up every morning, this drives me to the next steps to success. This is my way to freedom.

  • Surround myself with successful people
  • Never giving up on my dreams
  • Working smarter not harder
  • Have a plan & taking action
  • Teach others what I know
  • Share what I earn with those less fortunate




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