I’m Feeling Lucky!

Hello Beautiful people. Wow, it’s been about six (6) months since the last time I’ve decided to write down some awesome happenings in my life. I’ve looked over a few blogs and have laughed, cringed at the thought of what had happened to me during those times, and asked myself ‘Why in the hell would I share that with you folks?’ and have come to terms that I’m a writer and I’m going to write the good, the bad and even the stuff I think I should keep to myself. But when I look at my reviews and traffic, people are still very much engaged in my writing that I felt would be a bit too much. But that’s what you all seem to enjoy.76d7561a997dda62a4759cdf5216ce2d

So with that said. I think my page needs a little face lift and I’m ready to start the second quarter off with some really good life happenings. I think every year that I’ve written a blog was always an experience. I mean I can say that now, right? When I was going through some of those experiences, some were hard but I made it through. Some were so freaking fantastic I would love to experience them again, to feel and be in those moments. But again, it was an experience that needed to happen to help me grow through the next experience the Universe had/has in store for me. I miss writing, I’ve been so focused on another great passion that is dear to my soul, Real Estate, that I’ve placed my creative side for writing to the back burner, or better yet have tossed it into the flames of a burning fire pit. I know horrible right? A few things in my life have shifted, in a positive way, which had me a little side tracked, yes I know for SIX (6) whole months I was sided tracked, right?

Once the smoke cleared a little, let me stop lying. The smoke hasn’t cleared I’m moving so fast over here with all the many challenges and new opportunities coming way I’m finding it difficult to blog and write out all my new ideas, and thoughts. But I’m excited about where my life is headed and even more thrilled to share all these new life happenings as they come along! I’m going to clean up this page a little and make it a little more lively for the year 2016. Can’t wait for you all to Taste more of my Creative Thoughts!


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