Graduation 2016

Operation Hopethumbnail_20160517_184601_resized.jpgAll BLACK and all women Entrepreneurship Training Program Graduation May 17, 2016.

Super excited to have been able to share a classroom with these lovely business women all striving for the same goal. To be financially independent, to work for themselves and to leave their legacy behind.

83dd311b-262f-485c-a07d-1cc8a0f8df93.jpgWe spent 12 weeks learning to develop our business models, attending access to capital workshops, learning about Credit and Money Management.Learning about the many Small Business Loan Programs that were offered to each of us, business specified. And the most important thing we were given was the amount of knowledge and information from every presenter that came into our classroom, from Bankers, Financial Advisors, Lawyers, Business Attorneys ,  Tax Advisors, individuals who assisted with knowledge on incorporating our business, SBA in assisting in how to develop effective Business plans, Learning more about Homebuyer incentives, areas in Atlanta where development and growth has been taking place and will continue to grow for the success of business owners and the community,  Invest Atlanta assisted with information on those various topics. And lastly, learning to brand and market our business in a way that we’ve never thought possible. Being able to have all the many influential business owners  in Atlanta serving the entertainment world to small businesses owner like ourselves was a pleasure and a wealth of knowledge that we are all so very grateful for!!


Thank you Operation Hope  for all the services that you’ve provided to myself, to the woman who’ve currently attended the Training Program and anyone who has and will be apart of this wonderful initiative. 2b9ea217-4b23-4f21-8563-5313010a465d.jpg


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