New Year New Beginnings

Yes it’s a New Year, but is it really new beginnings? Beginning of what really? Okay yes it is time to start over and use all of the 365 days of the year to make yourself a better you, get in the gym that you’ve wasted all your money on in 2016 not attending, plan for a trip that you’ve been saying you didn’t have time for in 2016 and really make that happen this time around, start saving all that money that you’ve been using to eat out all the time in 2016, or breaking all those nasty habits that you still are unable to break in 2017. Time to make those New Year Resolutions that no one ever fulfills or forgets about half way through April or something like that. Everyone had a horrible 2016 or they claim that all even number years are the worse. Lordt! You keep putting that energy out there then that’s exactly what is going to happen.

I have completely stopped with New Year Resolutions and to be completely honest I don’t know what 2017 will bring. What I do know is that I don’t need the world to know what my game plan is or what my next moves are going to be. Too many folks put what they’ll be doing or not doing, and folks watch, watch to see you fail rather than to see you excel and win. So instead just let the world see what you’ll accomplish, keep them guessing and wondering. Better yet, forget The World. Hustle and grind for yourself and who cares what others think, what they think about you or how you hustle really isn’t any of your business anyway. Your main focus for 2017 is to keep your head above water (publish that book, train for that marathon, buy your next rental property, plan the trip of your dreams, finally quit that job that’s sucking the life out of you, pay off all your credit card debt) and maintain a positive attitude regardless of whatever else is going on, you have a goal that is needed to be reached and distractions will come, but how will you move around them to reach your goal? Those are your only concerns.

So with that being said glad and to have finally made my way back to my blog page, I’m ready to create and make some more memories. As I said before I have no idea what 2017 will bring me, I hope some really awesome writing material. I’m super excited to be able to finally be in a place where I’m able to write and create how I’m suppose to. Of course I’m going to have to make time for my craft as I do with everything else I enjoy doing. Every day is going to be an exciting little journey, adventure, and I’m super excited to be able to share it with every single one of you!

I do hope that whatever you all do for 2017 that you will be great and that you accomplish every single goal you set out to make and remember everyday is a new beginning, a new day that you’ve never lived before. Stay present and enjoy each and every moment of your life! Happy New Year, make 2017 Great!!




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