Cupcake with Feelings

There are only a few times we come across someone who sweeps us off our feet. I mean really pulls that rug out from underneath you knocking all the senses out of you.

I always tell myself whenever I head out to an event, club, or any function that I’m out to have a good time, not really expecting to meet or hook up with anyone, that is never my intention. My intentions are always to break in my sneakers and get a few songs in and enjoy the music and of course to have a good time. It’s better that way, I don’t get my expectations up, expectations always leads to disappointment, right? Sure. And who has time for disappointments these days?

I never really know who I might run into on this journey called life. Life happens at all the right times I believe. Like meeting someone in the grocery isle, while pumping gas at the gas station, or better yet on the dance floor sharing that energy called House Music. Yes that sounds about right!

I tell myself that I’m taking a break from the dating scene, “I’m working on my career, traveling the world or working on self and getting myself centered. Some excuse to avoid meeting someone awesome who might cross my path one day, or  avoid those people who just waste my time all together. Then I run into this amazingly beautiful being. When you connect with someone on a intellectual level and talk about everything under the sun, being able to hold a decent conversation and keep that conversation going every night for more than two hours, then the phone shuts off because it’s had enough of the ‘Cupcaking’ and pillow talk and so you call right back to continue where you left off for another hour or so. Damn.

It’s been a very long time since I’ve had a connection with a woman who is comfortable being present in all moments, who isn’t invested in their cell phone or who isn’t consumed in all the social media gossip or caught up in themselves where they can’t pay attention to an attractive lady sitting in front of them like myself. Yup, I said it!

I had to take a few steps back and really understand this discomfort that had been creeping up on me. The aching, the heaviness that she would leave my body when we would converse with one another. Or when I’m distracted with the silhouette of her body as she walks throughout my house in the dark on the cold hardwood floors, or watching her walk in public, the sway in her hips and how her tattoos shine with all the many shades on her arms.  Then that feeling of discomfort and the aching in my body increases when she places her soft hands gently around the back of my neck or any part of my body really. The temperature of my body rises and my skin becomes damp. I am now aware that my body is, is wet.

I tell myself we might need to slow it down some. But what is it exactly am I slowing down? Our intense conversations? All she has to do is open her mouth and speak and I’m up in odds.  Sitting next to me, our bare skin brushing against one another and I melt. I’m never myself when I’m with her, but that’s the beauty of it all.

I’m attracted to how we connect with one another, (beyond the physical aspects of this friendship) how we play off each others silliness, the closeness and our intimate moments we share. I love how we both have a passion for travel as that’s all I want to do in this life anyway. Having a travel buddy on a much higher frequency, on a level of pure bliss gives me all the joy I need in this life right now.

For me, when I ask the universe for something and when that someone or something lands in my lap I better be ready to take care and nurture it. I want that deep rooted love, to experience a level of openness and intimacy in a way that I have not shared with anyone.(Since being in Atlanta) I’m ready to open myself up and let love flow in, I’m ready to build that healthy solid friendship (because that is the core to any intimate partnership), an intimate, caring, fearless, sexual, enriched, lovely and deeply spiritual and fun partnership. With the ONE!








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