Adventure day 2 in Cuba

Sunday Morning, rise and shine!!

(February 12, 2017)

What a better way to wake up and have our lovely AirBnB host, Lala prepare an awesome breakfast for all of us. In all honesty, I don’t even know how she managed to wake up early, 7am and make us all breakfast after being out late dancing, drinking and carrying on the night before. Welp, she did and believe me we all wanted to sleep in and were extremely grateful for the lovely spread she had prepared.20170212_084712.jpg

Fresh squeezed juice (don’t remember if it was Papaya or not), toast, butter (that we wanted to take with us along on our day trip so that whatever restaurant that didn’t have butter could melt it for our shrimp and lobster, don’t ask me why, lol) scrambled eggs with cheese, ham (which I think was really spam), an assortment of fruit, coffee and crepes with this awesomely sweet honey to top it off! Breakfast hit the spot, well at least for me. I stay hungry so I was praying this was going to fill me up throughout the day.


For the day we all decided to attend a place where Afro Cuban art and Cuban traditions were practiced in an alley called,”Callejon de Hamel” in English it reads “The Alley of Hamel” It was told to us that Sundays were the best days to attend, experience and even participate and dance to the rumba rhythms and stirred up by the atmosphere and the drums that invoke the spirits of the Orishas, the Santeria Gods.

The day was absolutely amazing, the art, the people, the culture and you can’t forget about the heat. It beat my friends face (sun burn) and attacked my shoulders, no type of hat could have saved me that day.  After the festivities of Callejon de Hamel, myself and my two lovely roommates decided to venture off in the streets of Havana. I’m telling you, all we seem to do was walk everywhere and get ourselves lost on the streets, meet amazing people who invited us to their newly developed bar and restaurant, they offered us drinks (of course we paid, lol). We were invited to a few  events that were taking place that evening, certain Disco Functions, hotel parties, you name it we were invited. Either way, we were going to go out and have a good time.


So, our means of transportation for the evening. The WaWa, lol. It’s a bus folks. For some reason this is what they call it. We asked Lala, our AirBnB host why they call the bus that, no answer given.wp-1489009564310.jpg

We finally made it to Pico Blanco, a popular night club in Havana that was on the 14th floor of Hotel St. John’s in Vedado. This was the night club that everyone on the street was telling us to go to, at the time we had no idea why everyone was pushing for us to go that evening. I mean Everyone wanted us to go see this place. So we went, lol.  Let me tell you, the five of us ladies were looking as sharp as a tack. Live music, drinks, laughs, dancing and of course the reason why some of the people wanted us to go.

So, people such as ourselves, Americans, or anyone that wasn’t from Cuba who attended Pico Blanco there are people watching us. Yes, these people are watching to see how you dress, how you speak, how much liquor you’ve consumed that night. Watching to see how friendly you are and if you might want to dance, or even be so kind enough to buy them a drink. Without saying to much, they want what is in your pockets (money) and will do just about anything to get just that. (Exchange phone numbers, call you a million times, try to get information to where you’re staying at, pretend to be interested in you, sexually). Luckily for all of us we had Lala, (our Airbnb Host) with us, who schooled us on the game of these predators.
So, that night they weren’t getting us for our CUC’s. lol! And of course we all made it back home safe and sound, to get ready for yet another day of adventure. 🙂


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