To Settle and Wonder

We’ve all done it, we’ve all settled at one point in time in our lives and wondered what could have been if we just didn’t stay in that one situation whether that be work, a friendship, a business partnership or some type of intimate relationship with a partner. Ever wonder what would have happened if we did settle for that sex-less relationship, or even the amazing mind blowing sex, entertained folks who enjoyed being on their phone all day while watching reality TV and never really paid any attention to you, or someone who constantly always gives a F*ck about what the world thought about them, or better yet always had a reason to lie for no good reason, yeah that would totally suck donkey-balls!

Then there’s this place called a job we go to every day, settling for a place that doesn’t allow you to grow or they neglect to acknowledge your talents and skills, a boss who over works you then has the nerve to not pay you what you’re worth, dealing with those gossiping co-workers who smile in your face, but are really out to get your position you worked so hard to get as you climbed up that corporate latter (those employees that have no degree, experience, talent or expertise in the field they’re in. They have a degree in some Culinary Arts but have been appointed as director in the IT Department) Really?! lol.

The reason I bring up the whole settling and wondering, it was a topic that a friend an I were having that brought up a lot of things in my life that I’ve settled for. Like staying in a job for longer than the expiration date allowed. Everyone has had their reasons as to why they want to or have settled. “I’ll never find anything better” (than the loser who’s paying me in sand dollars.) “so I might as well stay where I’m at and just deal with it and complain and get on my friends nerves every day.” Or if I leave this situation, the next situation is going to be just as worse than where I’m at now. So I might as well stay.

It’s scary to leave something that you’re so comfortable with. Crazy that we get  comfortable with being in those uncomfortable situations, right? Why is that? Why are we afraid to be happy, I mean like really blissfully happy, that we’ll settle and lower all of our standards because we’re either too lazy, or just too scared to go after what we truly want and need in our lives? Maybe you can say, that you really don’t want to be happy, or that you don’t want that perfect job or to be in that amazing relationship. If you don’t work hard at the things that you truly want in your life, you’ll always ask yourself “What if?” Or “What else?”  Been there many times and I’m glad I left those dead-end jobs and relationships, who knows what might have come good or bad, if I stayed. I’ll never know because I left.

So I want to know, when do you know if you’ve settled for something in your life or what are you settling for at this very moment? Did you come to the realization while you were in the situation or after the fact? What does settling for something or someone look like to you? Leave your thoughts down below in the comment section, would love to hear from you.






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