Late Night Escapes

Moments of electrified, intensified pleasures. Pleasures too intense for words. Words a body could never endure under such complicated, yet satisfying measures.

Fingers, dance on top of my naked sultry skin. Her fingers do the dance my body has grown to ache for even before she has laid down those overindulgent hands. Those hands that know every mound, every tremble, every scar of her new found playground.

I want this touch. She has an appetite that my body aches for. My body aches and cries out, anticipating this release. The tension,  it’s weighing me down. She knows where she needs to be to help release these feeling that I call and yell out so desperately. As I let my entire soul fall out into her hands as her fingers play and do that dance my body craves, dropping me to my knees, shaky and weak. That’s the type of release my body needs!

I’ve never craved a woman’s body as did hers. No one has ever made me get this way. Experiencing things I’ve never known to do, has become the excitement of my life. Ravishing my clothes in alley ways, parks; public bathrooms; moving trains, movie theaters and in every public place we could think of. This excitement keeps me alive, keeps me on my toes, and keeps me coming back for more. At night.20170526_211034

I know these run-ins with this nameless faceless lover is dangerous. I’m dangerous. She should have been warned of this sexual adventure with me. My appetite, she must feed my sexual soul. What we are doing will only end in heartache. But we continue this.  At night.

On the streets with no names. And faces who cross our paths. No one else matters. Just she and I who have this intense electrifying sexual connection for one another. Hungry with passion and a deep desire to please. Hungry for something so intense, the pleasures, the wet between she and me.  A feeling that always keeps me at my knees.

Who is going to touch me like her. I can’t bring myself to the thought.

A secret only she and I will every share. Our paths crossed at exactly the right time. Two lovers wanting nothing more then a sexual connection that wasn’t shared or comparable to the others. An intense connection that could never continue. At night.

I will always remember our late night escapes. Her touches I crave. The laughs and her moans that ring through my ears that will always shake my soul. When I walk the familiar streets alone and remember those nights. Yes those nights, only. At Night

I want to feel this feeling with you forever. Not just. At Night.


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