–I love creating my own reality with words. Writing helps me with the distractions of life and keeps me balanced

–I’m overly intimidated by intelligent, and successful people, but i enjoy surrounding myself around them

–As much as i love surrounding myself around people, and as much as people love being around me, I’d much rather stay home and keep to myself

–I’m adventurous, love taking risk with my life as well as my creative side

–I’m in the process of writing my own novel and will have pieces of that on my blog for everyone to read

–I’m a sucker for good food-wine-kisses and great SEX

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–Love traveling, being outdoors and experiencing new people and things

–I LOVE love to dance and being the life of the party

–I’m a very social and out going person-which is intimidating to some

–Music helps me with my thoughts-therefore you can catch me dancing around the house trying to figure things out..lol

–I’m determined to be the best I can possibly be

–I love laughing, smiling, rainbows and anything FUN

–I love my life with all the bumps in the road. What would my life be without the good-the bad and not so beautiful-BORING

–Want to know more, just ask–


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